Timeline of Levi Stewart and Kin

Compiled by Georgenia Stewart, gg granddaughter of Levi and Artemacy Stewart. In order for us to fully appreciate the life of Levi Stewart and his kin, I have included events in LDS Church History, US History, LDS Church records, and many journals. If you have additional information or corrections, please let me know. This page takes a few minute to load.
1740   Joseph Stewart (1740) and Sarah Gilbert (1742) grandparents of Levi Stewart are born in North Carolina.
1775-1783   American Revolutionary War
1786   William Stewart (1786 in Tennessee) and Elizabeth Van Hooser(1788 in Virginia) are parents of Levi Stewart.
1789   US constitution established
23 Dec 1805   Joseph Smith is born in Sharon , Windsor Co., Vermont
abt 1807   William Stewart marrys Elizabeth Van Hooser. They are the parents of Levi Stewart
1808   1st son of William and Elizabeth, Squire Stewart is born. Dies 1809, Overton Co., TN
4 Jan 1810   2nd son of William and Elizabeth, Riley Stewart, is born in Overton Co., TN. Dies 1866, Goshen,Ut
28 Apr 1812   3rd son of William and Elizabeth, Levi Stewart, born in W. Edwardsville, Ill, d 14 Jun 1878, Utah
19 Dec 1814   4th son of William and Elizabeth, William Jackson, born Overton Co. TN, d 5 Dec 1884, Springerville,Utah
9 Nov 1817   5th son of William and Elizabeth, Urban Van, born Overton Co., TN, d 25 Dec 1898, Grover, Utah
Spring 1820   1st vision of the Prophet Joseph Smith
1822   Urban Vanís history says parents moved from Overton Co, Tenn., to Madison Co., Ill.where Urban lived until 1835.
13 Sep 1824   William Stewart petitions to divorce Elizabeth Van Hooser in Overton Co., TN. Shortly thereafter he marrys Rebecca Llewellyn.
1830   Federal Census, Caldwell, Davies, & Carroll Co., are all in Ray Co, Iowa
26 Mar 1830   The Book of Mormon goes on sale in Palmyra, New York.
6 Apr 1830   The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is organized.
1830 Census   William Stewart & Rebecca Lewellyn are in Fayette Co., Ill. with three small children: one male under 5, one male between 5-10, one female under 5.
8 Aug 1831   Temple lot in Independence, Miss. Is dedicated
8 Feb 1833   Levi marrys his first cousin, Melinda Howard, daughter of John Howard and Jane Van Hooser, and moves to Vandalia, Fayette Co, Ill.
Nov-Dec 1833   Saints expelled from Jackson Co, Miss. They go to Clay Co., Miss.
18 Mar 1834   Levi and Melinda's1st child, Elizabeth Jane is born in Vandalia, Fayette Co., Ill, d 21 Nov 1897 in Manti, Utah.
27 Feb 1836   Leviís and Melinda's 2nd child, Melinda Elvira Stewart, born in Vandalia, Fayette Co., Ill d 15 Oct 1837
1836   Levi is living by Suck Creek, Ill. In the journal of John D. Lee he mentions his neighbor, Levi Stewart. Lee was living on the east side of the Kaskaskia River, above the mouth of Nine Mile Creek, Illinois.
1836   Davies Co., Missouri was formed & Gallatin was Co. seat. Adamon-di-ahman is in Davies Co., Missouri. Caldwell Co., Missouri was formed. Far West & Haunís Mill are in Caldwell Co.
1836   Lee Co. Iowa is formed. This is just across the river from Nauvoo, Ill.
1836   Iowa Territorial Census, William Stewart & Rebecca Lewellyn are living in Des Moine Co. Iowa with five children: 2 males under 21 and 3 females under 21.
15 Jul 1836   Levi's brother, Urban Van Stewart is baptized in Log Creek, near Far West Missouri
Apr 1837   Levi calls on his friend and neighbor, John D. Lee, and tells him of two Mormon missionaries who were preaching in the neighborhood. Although Melinda had been quickly converted, Levi wanted to learn more about this strange, new sect, and went to see for himself. Levi goes to Far West to hear more of the Gospel. He is baptized by Jefferson Hunt in Caldwell Co., Missouri. Journal of John D. Lee.
12 Jan 1838   The Prophet Joseph Smith arrives in Far West, Missouri
1 Apr 1838   Leviís and Melinda's 3rd Child, Joseph Abraham born in Vandalia, Fayette Co, Ill. He dies 23 Mar 1897 in Malad, Idaho.
May 1838   Adam-ondi-aham, Missouri is founded
June 1838   DeWitt, Missouri is founded. It is abandonded in 10-11-38
4 June 1838   Levi sells home in Fayette Co.,Ill. Crosses the Mississippi River and moves to a place called Shady Grove Creek in Davies Co., Missouri. This is about twenty miles southeast of Far West, near where Levi's brothers had already stopped. They name the place "Ambrosia".
4 July 1838   In Far West an impressive parade which included bands, floats, and cavalry, with a spirited meeting on the public square. Sidney Rigdon incites mobbers with his speech proclaiming retaliation if the Mormon's are further persecuted.
Aug 1838   Levi is informed by Judge Morin that mobbers are going to prevent the election in Gallatin, Missouri. Saints go to the polls without weapons. Riley Stewart, Levi's brother is severely beaten at the election.
27 Oct 1838   Gov. Boggís issues the extermination order against Mormon's.
31 Oct 1838   Far West attacked. Joseph Smith, in order to save another bloody tragedy, agress to a peace talk. He is turned over to the mob militia. Levi was one of the leaders that were held hostage while the citizens were being forced to give up all their property, except their teams and wagons, and sign affidavits to the effect that they would leave the state by April 1939. Levi is forced to go with the mob to issue this ultimatum to the Saints in Adam-ondi-aham. The ground is covered with snow, so when they come to a good shelter by Waldo Littlefield's farm they make camp. They talk the mob into letting them go. He returns to his home near Far West.
Nov 1838   Prophet Joseph Smith spends 4 mos. In Liberty Jail, Missouri awaiting a trial. He is finally let go without a trial.
Feb 1839   Joseph Smith's father advises Levi to leave Missouri. Less than one year after he left, Levi is now heading back to Fayette Co., Ill. He gets with the saints in Quincy, Ill.
Apr-Oct 1939   John D. Lee's journal records : "To Fayette Co., Illinois, a mission with Levi Stewart. With blistered feet, Levi was dragging along as though he must consider each step before he made it. We carried a small bag with a change of socks and underwear, a Bible and a Book of Mormon, but not a penny between us, depending on the generousity of others."
11 May 1839   Urban Van and William Jackson Stewart, Levi's brothers,sign a redress petitions in Adams Co, Illinois
15 June 1839   Levi receives Patriarchal Blessing from Isaac Morley in Caldwell Co., Missouri.
1838-1839   Saints leave Missouri and flee to Quincy, Illinois. Later they leave & go up to Nauvoo, Illinois and also go across the river into Lee Co., Iowa
spring 1839   Philo Dibble living three miles from Quincy, calls upon Levi & his brother to give him a blessing. Bro Dibble records: "Some of my gentile neighbors, wishing to learn about "Mormonism," sent to Quincy for Brother John P. Greene to come out and preach to them. They were so well pleased with Brother Greene's remarks, that they would not let him off until he left another appointment to preach. Before the appointed time arrived, however, Brother Greene was taken sick and could not come. A large congregation had gathered at the place appointed, and only three Elders presentóA. J. Stewart, his brother Levi, and myself."
1 Apr-Oct 1839   Levi goes on a mission with John D. Lee from Vandalia, Ill up to Ohio, depending entirely upon donations for their subsistence.
11 Dec 1839   Letter written by Julian Moses giving an account of his mission states: Br. Lee, and Stewart came into Overton Co., Tennessee. I went with Lee into Jackson Co. where we baptized twenty one more; Elder Stewart baptized two in White Co. Brothers Stewart and Lee, returned home to their families.
1838-1840 Census of   Lee Co., Iowa, Levi & Urban Van live there. A Widow Steward, which we assume is Rebecca Llewellyn, is living next to the Howards. She has 6 kids. William Stewart has died in 1837.
7 Jan 1840   Urban Van is living in Montrose, Lee Co., Iowa territory when he files statement: " I was driven from Daviess Co, to Di-Ahman, to Far West." Lists events that happened. Journal of Discourses, Vol.5, p.164,
April 1840   Levi arrives in Nauvoo, Illinois. Journal of John D. Lee
21 Nov 1840   Levi and Melinda's 4th child, John Riley, is born in Council Bluffs, Iowa. He dies in 1916 in Ogden, Utah.
2 Feb 1842   Levi receives a Patriarchal Blessing from Hyrum Smith in Nauvoo, Illinois
15 Feb 1843   Levi and Melinda's 5th child, Emma, is born in Nauvoo, Ill. She dies 26 May 1844.
Spring 1843   Lyman Littlefield tells of Levi's kindness to him while Lyman was a missionary in the Alton, Ill area
10 Apr 1843   At 10 a. m. a special conference of elders convened and continued by adjournment from time to time till the 12th. Those of the quorum of the Twelve present were: Brigham Young, president; Heber C. Kimball, William Smith, Orson Hyde, Orson Pratt, Wilford Woodruff, John Taylor, George A. Smith, and Willard Richards. The object of the conference was to ordain elders and send them forth into the vineyard to build up churches. Levi is called as a missionary with James Pace to Williamson & Gallatin Co., ILL. Hist of Church Vol 5 Chapter 18 Page 349
26 Jun 1843   It had been reported that a company of men were armed in St. Louis and had chartered a steamboat to run up to Ottawa, there to seize Joseph Smith and kidnap him to Missouri. Levi was one of those who went on "The Maid of Iowa" boat to rescue Joseph, at all hazards and bring him back to Nauvoo.
3 Jul 1843   Joseph Smith directs the Twelve Apostles to call a special conference to choose elders to go into the different counties of Illinois to preach the gospel and disabuse the public mind with regard to his arrest. Levi is called to to Franklin Co.,Ill and Urban Van to Williamson Co., Ill. they return shortly because of the death of their mother, 28 Aug 1843, and Urban's litttle son. History of Church Vol 5, Chapter 25, page 485.
Oct 1843-Apr 1844   Levi writes a letter to the Times & Seasons dated 13 Apr 1844. "I have travelled near six months since July last, most of which time I labored in Franklin, Williamson, and Johnson counties, in the south part of this state. Illinois. There had been but few discourses delivered by any of the elders in these counties; therefore prejudice was great, but after hearing for themselves; the honest in heart began to discover the many falsehoods that had overrun the country, and began to investigate the doctrine of Christ. The result was, many believed and I had more calls for preaching than I could attend to; and through the assistance of God I was enabled to baptize twenty-four.
12 Aug 1843   Revelation on plural marriage given to the Prophet Joseph Smith
1843   Levi files a redress petition of $3,800 for losses suffered when the saints were expelled from Missiouri. He lost two farms in Davies Co, Missouri; and a lot in Diahman and Far West, Miss.; cattle; horses and household furniture. His brothers Urban Van and William Jackson also file petitons.
15 Apr 1844   Illinois missionary call to Levi Stewart to preach and also for the purpose of getting the electors to vote for Joseph Smith as President of USA. History of the Church, Vol 6, page 340
27 June 1844   The prophet Joseph Smith and his brother Hyrum Smith are murdered in Carthage, Illinois.
22 Nov 1844   Levi is listed as a High Priest of the Nauvoo 9th Ward and is in good standing
16 June 1845   Levi and Melinda's 7th child, Louisa, is born in Nauvoo, Ill. She dies 1891 in Fielding, Box Elder, Utah.
15 Aug 1845   Hosea Stout's journal records: "In the morning I went to the Hall (Nauvoo) to meet Levi Stewart on business."
20 Jan1846   Levi marrys Charity Holdaway in Nauvoo, Ill. They soon separated as she was not in harmony with plural marriage.
12 Mar 1846   Levi is in charge of important mail between the pioneer camps and Nauvoo. Levi arrives at Camp of Israel , Richardson's Point, Iowa, on 12 Mar 1846, with letters from Nauvoo. On March 16th he delivers more mail from Nauvoo.
4 Apr 1846   First group of saints leave to scout out routes and camp at Richardson Pt. Levi is assigned to hunt deer for the camp. The group goes on. Levi is assigned to stay at Winter Quarters and run a commissary. Urban Van Stewart goes up river to what was called "Brigham's Farm" and helps put in crops.
12 May 1846   Brigham Young sent Levi with letters to Trustees in Nauvoo. They are told to give Levi one team and a wagon so that he can bring his family to camp at Garden Grove, Iowa.
Jun 1846   Levi is sent back to Nauvoo with money to procure cattle for the camp at Garden Grove, Iowa.
18 Feb 1847   Thinking the government had authorized their petition, the Saints sent Levi Stewart from Winter Quarters to see Superintendent Harvey at St. Louis to get "the Government permit for them to remain on the Omaha Indian lands on their exodus west"
Jun 1847   At "Brigham's Farm", Levi and John D. Lee rode to the top of a hill north of the fort to select a cemetery site. They named it "Fair View". Journal of John D. Lee
Jun 1847   Urban Van Stewart leaves with the first group of pioneers traveling to Salt Lake City, Utah, arriving in Sept. 1847
26 Aug 1847   Brigham Young leaves Utah and returns to Winter Quarters. In Dec 1847 on the Iowa banks of the Mississippi River, Levi attends General Conference where Brigham Young is made the Prophet of the Church.
1848   In 1848 the first crop in Utah was threatened by a plague of crickets. Fearing the loss of food needed for survival, the settlers fought the ravenous insects by every possible means. Then when it appeared that all was lost, in answer to a prayer, a white cloud of seagulls flew in and devoured the crickets. The gulls did not come in force every year, but they did help destroy the crickets in 1848, the grasshoppers in 1855, and the crickets in 1860.
April 1848   Indians treathen Summer Quarters. Levi rides to Winter Quarters to report. He returns with orders to come to Winter Quarters immediately.
6 May 1848   Levi and Melinda's 8th child, Levi Howard is born at Winter Quarter, Douglas Co., Neb. He dies in the Kanab fire of 1870.
Sept 1848   Levi came to Utah as a member of the Brigham Young company.
Spring 1850   Levi's brother, Urban Van settles the town of Harrisville, Utah. He built a cabin of round logs on the south side of Four-Mile Creek.
Spring 1851   Levi is 1st counselor in the Cottonwood Ward, Salt Lake City, Utah.
15 Jul 1851   Leviís and Melinda's 9th child, Emeline, is born in Big Cottonwood, Salt Lake City, Utah. She dies 1877.
1852-54   Levi is 2nd counselor in the Cottonwood Ward, Salt Lake City, Utah Bishopric.
13 Dec 1852   Levi marries Margery Wilkerson, in Salt Lake City, Utah. They are married in the Endowment House, 13 Feb 1853, Salt Lake City, Utah.
18 Oct 1853   Levi and Margery's 1st son, William Thomas Stewart born at Dry Creek near Salt Lake City, Utah. He dies 1935 in Alamo, Nev.
30 Oct 1853   Twins, Merinda and Merado are born to Levi and Melinda at Big Cottonwood, SLC., Utah. Merinda dies in 1854 and Merado dies in 1867.
24 Nov 1853   Levi's wife, Melinda dies from philibitus, three weeks after the birth of twins.
1854   Levi is listed as doing a cash business in SLC. He had a general merchandise store on the corner where the Newhouse Hotel stands.
1853-1854   Utah Walker War to subdue marauding Indians.
31 Dec 1854   Levi marries Artemacy Wilkerson, sister of Margery, in Salt Lake City, Utah. After Levi's death she lives another 36 years and dies in Elgin, Nev.
21 May 1855   Levi and Margery's 2nd child, Eliza Luella is born in the old Stewart home on 4th South and State street in SLC. This home is across from Immigration Square. Eliza dies in 1939 in Arizona.
22 Dec 1855   Levi and Artemacy's 1st child, Sarah Lucretia is born in SLC. She dies 1904 in SLC, Utah
11 May 1856   Elijah Sheets made Bishop of SLC 8th Ward. Levi served with him as a counselor. Hist of Utah Vol 4, p110
8 Feb 1857   Levi and Margery's 3rd child, Charles Courtland is born in SLC. He dies in the Kanab fire of 1870.
16 Feb 1857   Pres. Brigham Young meets with Levi Stewart who was working out a plan to purchase one of the governor's businesses.
11 Mar 1857   Levi owns a freight company in SLC. Deseret News publishes arrival of freight of new and staple dry goods, and groceries. John Riley Stewart was sent to Omaha, Nebraska to bring back goods for Levi's store in 1856.
    While Levi lived in SLC he was an officer in the Brigham Young Express Co., known as B.Y.X. Co. He was also the vice president of Big Cottonwood Co-Op store.
1857   Samuel Brown reports: In 1857 I went on a mission to the States and took charge of the mail for the carrying company under the direction of Levi Stewart.
24 Jul 1857   Matters at Salt Lake City had reached a climax in relation to the public officials appointed at Washington, D.C. One after another had returned to report that the Mormons were in a state of rebellion and that they acknowledged no authority except that of Brigham Young. President Buchanan, for political reasons, authorized the sending of an army west to put down this supposed rebellion. Word of this decision reached Salt Lake City on July 24, 1857,
3 Aug 1857   Levi delivered a sermon, "Live in the Path of Duty" in the Old Bowery in SLC
30 Aug 1857   Pres. Heber C. Kimball in a sermon at the Old Bowery says: Brother Stewart has discovered that we are five years a head of where he had supposed. Journal of Discourses, Vol.5, p.164,
30 Sep 1857   Levi presents a voucher to the Commissioner of Indian Affairs, for articles furnished for an expedition to the southern Indians paid out on 31 Dec 1857. Included were Indian chiefs: Tatsegobbits, Noncapin, Moqueetus, Chickeroo, Quonarah, Youngquick, Jackson and Agrapootes.
30 Dec 1857   Levi and Artemacy's 2nd child, Urban Van Stewart is born in SLC. He dies in the Kanab fire of 1870.
24 Sep 1858   Levi and Margery's 4th child, Margery Ann Stewart is born in SLC. She dies in 1936.
8 Jan 1860   Levi and Artemacy's 3rd child, Alonzo Lafayette Stewart is born in SLC. He dies in 1932 in Los Angeles, Calif.
6 Sept 1861   Levi and Artemacy's 4th child, Mary Artemacy is born in SLC. She dies 7 Dec 1862.
25 Sept 1861   Levi and Margery's 5th child, Herbert Carlos Stewart is born in SLC. He dies in the Kanab fire of 1870.
1862   U.S. Civil War
abt 1862   Levi had acquired land in Juab Valley south of Provo, Utah. His son, John Riley states this is where he made his home.
23 Feb 1863   Levi and Margery's 6th child, Edward Lorenzo Stewart is born in SLC. He dies in the Kanab fire of 1870.
13 Apr 1863   Levi and Artemacy's 5th child, Seymore Alexander Stewart is born in SLC. He dies 11 Oct 1864 in SLC.
8 Mar 1864   Levi is 2nd counselor in the Salt Lake City, Utah 8th Ward Bishopric.
2 Apr 1865   Levi and Artemacy's 6th child, Brigham Freeman Stewart is born in SLC. He dies in 1954 in Safford, Ariz.
6 Jun 1865   Levi and Margery's 7th child, Lucinda Araminta is born in SLC. She dies 1941 in Las Vegas, Nevada
1865   At the request of Brigham Young, Levi sells home in SLC and moves to Mill Creek to start a paper mill in the Big Cottonwood Canyon.
1865   Levi is 1st counselor in Cottonward Ward Bishopric until he moves to Kanab in 1870.
12 Feb 1867   Levi and Artemacy's 7th child, David Brinton Stewart born in Big Cottonwood, SLC. Utah. He dies 1906 in Alamo, Nevada
3 Apr 1867   Levi and Margery's 8th child, Hyrum Smith Stewart is born in SLC. He dies the same day as his birth.
8 Oct 1867   During the first conference that convened in the great SLC Tabernacle, Joseph F. Smith was called to the Apostleship and also Levi was among a large number of missionaries who were called to go with their families and strengthen the settlements of southern Utah.
1868   Brigham Young advises Levi to take a contract for grading a section of the Union Pacific Railroad down Echo Canyon. He employeed 100 men and Margery was responsible for all the cooking for the men.
19 Dec 1869   Levi and Artemacy's 8th child, Ellen Lenora is born in Big Cottonwood, SLC. She dies 19 Feb 1870 in SLC.
Winter of 1869-70   Levi accompanies Brigham Young to Southern Utah to seek suitable settling places for the Saints.
2 Apr 1870   Brigham Young calls Levi to form a settlement in Kanab, Utah. They arrive in Kanab 14 Jun 1870. They immediately plant potatoes.
26 Jun 1870   Levi is appointed to take charge of all meetings until a permanent organization can be effected. He was also made work director to supervise the planting of fall crops.
Sep 1870 to 1875   Levi made first Bishop of Kanab, Utah with his first injunction being that he should set up a portable sawmill and get out lumber for building.
1870   According to Brigham A. Riggs, Levi Stewart was the first to bring cattle to Kanab.
Fall 1870   Levi returns to SLC for his family. He brings back machinery for a sawmill. The first faced-logs and sawed lumber were used to build two log cabins for Levi. His sons, Joseph and John Riley accompany him back to Kanab.
Sept 1870   Pres. Young arrives in Kanab with his group, which includes Major William Powell, to explore the area east of Kanab for an approach to the Colorado River. Levi provides food and supplies.
14 Nov 1870   Levi upon his marriage to Artemacy, adopted her son William Casady, Jr. William was born 8 July 1852 and died, 14 Nov 1870, one month before the Kanab fire
14 Dec 1870   A fire in the Kanab fort claimed the life of Margery Stewart and five of Levi's sons: one by Melinda, three by Margery and one by Artemacy. That same evening there was a heavy snowfall.
1871   Levi purchased the Alexander claim near Moccasin Springs outside of Kanab
5 Jan 1871   A schoolhouse was built on the site of the old Kanab fort fire. Levi was elected a school trustee on the Kanab Board of Education.
27 Jun 1871   Levi and Artemacy's 9th child, Benjamin Levi is born in Payson, Utah. Artemacy was sent to Payson to be cared for by family after the death of her sister and the five boys. Benjamin dies in 1900.
Summer 1871   John R. Young visiting Kanab in 1871 reports: There was a drought causing a poor harvest. The grasshoppers had taken 2/3rds of the wheat that was growing. The crop was light at best not having enough water until it was to late to have a satisfactory stand.
Winter 1871   Epidemic of measles in Kanab
15 Dec 1871   Deseret News reports on Church: We have opened a telegraph office this morning, Miss Luella Stewart, daughter of Levi, Operator, Windson Castle, Utah. This in now known as Pipe Springs.
early 1872   Levi spoke in a Teachers Meeting of his hope that a cooperative store could be established.
1872   Levi has a cooperative store in his home in Kanab and is named chairman of the board of ZCMI Kanab.
1872   George Wesley Powell centers his work around the Kaibab. Levi has a lot of association with Powell as he camps near Levi's ranch. The Stewart ranch was also being used as grazing headquarters.
1872   An epidemic of Epizootic ( a skin infestation) reaches Kanab and enters every home. Some people die of the malady.
19 Feb 1872   Levi's son, Tommy Stewart goes down river searching for gold.
    Levi owned the only store in Kanb. He owned Cave Lakes, Three Lakes, fruit land in Dixie, and many horses and cattle. He also got a dam constructed above Kanab where a natural spring had been coming out of the red rocks.
24 Jul 1872   Levi tells of a dream he had while on a mission to Murphysborough, Ten. about the truthfullness of plural marriage. Four years later the revelation on plural marriage is given to Joseph Smith, thus assuring Levi of the truthfullness of Joseph's calling.
1872   Levi completes a two story six room home in Kanab. He dug a well and fenced his lot. Son, Tommy, builds a home next to Levi.
13 Jan 1873   A literary and lecturing society was organized in Kanab with Levi as President.
1873   Levi was the proprietor of the Tannery Manufacturing Co. in Kanab.
Christmas Eve 1873   A grand ball was held at the home of Levi Stewart for the purpose of raising funds for musical books for the choir which consisted of eleven members, and for the Glee Club.
1872-1878   Under the leadership of Levi Stewart a wagon road was made north over the Divide and leading down along the Sevier River where several small towns had been settled.
Jan 1874   Settlers of Kanab lived in constant fear of an Indian uprising. A white man, mistakenly thought to be a Mormon, kills three Indians who had taken refuge in his cabin. Starving, the Indians kill one of his animals. Without waiting for an explanation, the settler kills two of them. The third wounded Indian escapes back to his tribe.
1 Jun 1874   The United Order of Kanab records the Livestock appraisals. Bishop Levi Stewart led the list with six pages devoted to the description of his cattle. His holding of 160 head was valued at $3,569.00.
12 Mar 1874   John R. Young arrives in Kanab March 11, 1874, and on March 12, the people of Kanab were organized into the United Order with John R. Young, president; Bishop Levi Stewart, vice-president. Levi and Young go to Johnson and Paria branches and organize United Order.
Sept 1874   Levi marrys Susan E. Eager. This marriage ended shortly thereafter.
15 Sep 1875   A meeting of the Board was held with President Daniel H. Wells, Lorenzo Snow, Erastus Snow of the Twelve Apostles and other visiting Elders. A letter from Brigham Young was read releasing John R. Young and Levi Stewart from their offices as president and bishop and uniting the duties of both under L. John Nuttall as bishop. The purpose was to unite the hearts and feelings of the brethren and consolidate the interests of the people.
3 Jan 1876   A board of nine directors was chosen who later organized a new United Order and chose L. John Nuttall, president and Levi Stewart, first vice-president
1877   Levi upon hearing of the death of his good friend, Brigham Young, tells his family that he also won't live much longer.
1877-78   The United Order is dissolved and a settlement of property is made. Levi's property has been sadly depleted.
16 April 1878   Levi and Artemacy's 10th child, Ethel is born in Kanab, Utah just two months before Levi's death. Ethel dies in 1957.
14 Jun 1878   Levi Stewart dies in Black Rock Canyon, Utah while on a trip to SLC to sell his wool and to buy provisions for his store in Kanab. Indians proceed Levi's body, crying "We have no more Father".
Nov 1878   David King Udall reports he is in Kanab engaging in the business of merchandising, stock raising and farming with two brothers-in-laws, William Thomas Stewart and Laurence C. Mariger.
17 July 1883   William Thomas Stewart, son of Levi is called to be mission president of the Australian, New Zealand And Tasmania Mission. He serves three years. He serves again for two years starting 13 Sept 1891.
13 Mar 1884   An application is submitted for Kanab, Utah to be incorporated. One of the trustee's listed is Alonzo Lafayette Stewart, son of Levi.
1888   William Thomas Stewart, son of Levi, is appointed auditor for the city of Kanab, Utah.
1891   Mary Stewart, wife of William Thomas Stewart, was allowed to make and sell hats without a Kanab license because her husband was a missionary.
17 Feb 1893   The Kanab town meeting was abruptly adjourned on account of the burning of Stewart's cooperative store.
abt. 14 Sep 1895   David Brinton Stewart, son of Levi, is ordained a High Priest and a Bishop by Apostle Francis M. Lyman and set apart to preside over the Fredonia, Ariz. Ward.
30 May 1897   At the Wayne Stake quarterly conference, held at Loa, Wayne Co., the 112th quorum of Seventy was organized by Apostle Francis M. Lyman and Elder J. Golden Kimball. Urban Van Stewart, Levi's brother, was called as president. Andrew Jenson, Church Chronology
1901   William T. Stewart, son of Levi, founded the town of Alamo, Nev. He laid out a town like he had been taught by Brigham Young. He organized schools and helped organize a branch of the Church in 1901 and was presiding elder until 1906 when a ward was organized..
2 Dec 1914   Artimacy Wilkerson Stewart, wife of Levi dies in Alamo, Lincoln Co., Nevada.
    THE FOLLOWING ARE EVENTS IN THE LIVES OF LEVI'S DESCENDANTS (Under Construction. If you have things you can add please notify me.)
30 Apr 1922   Levi Stewart Udall, grandson of Levi and Margery, is called to be president of the St. Johns Stake, Arizona, from 1922 to 1930.
4 Mar 1923   Melbourne Clair Stewart, grandson of Levi and Artemacy, is called to be the first Bishop of the Hollywood, Calif. Ward by Pres. Heber J. Grant.
11 Apr 1950   Levi's descendants place a plaque in honor of Levi Stewart, Kanab's first Bishop, on the monument at the site of the Old Fort.
    Lex de Azevedo and Doug Stewart, ggg grandson of Levi Stewart, write popular musical, "Saturday's Warrior" and its sequel 'Starchild".
    February 13, 1893 (Monday) In the U.S. Congress, Senator Wm. M. Stewart, of Nevada. Andrew Jenson, Church Chronology

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