1802-1868 (Excluding Civil War Years)

Transcribed by Jane K. Wall and J. Hobart Bartlett

There is some possibility that these minutes were originally in the possession of Daniel Diorgan Morgan, who was a Clerk and later a Moderator of the Spring Creek Church from 1836 to 1868. The records later fell into the hands of his grandson, Lewis Kerry Smith, whom he helped to raise because of the death of his father. At the death of Lewis Kerry Smith the records remained in the home of his widow, Lenore Byrom Smith. When she died her son, Sanford Byrom Smith, received them, where they are now located at his home in Hockessin, Delaware.

It is the opinion of the transcribers that the "pencil notes" scattered through out this record were probably made by Austin Hawkins Morgan, a son of Job Morgan, and a brother of Daniel Morgan Morgan.


1st We believe in one true and living God the father the word and Holy ghost And these three are one

2nd We believe in the fall of man And that he has become a depraived Creature in all his parts

3rd We believe in the Salvation of our Souls and bodies only through The merits of our lord and Savoir Jesus Christ

4th We believe that the benefits of Redemption is applied by the Holy ghost

5th We believe that the Scriptures of the old and new testament are the word of god and the only rule of faith and practice

6th We believe that the Saints will persevere through grace and that not one of them Shall be lost

7th We believe the visible Church of Christ is a congregation of faithful persons who have given themselves to the Lord and one another having agreed to keep up a godly discipline according to the rules of the gospel

8th We believe that Jesus Christ is the great head of the church and that the government thereof is with the body

9th We believe that baptism and the Lords supper are ordinances of the Lord and to be continued by his church till his second coming

10th We believe that true believers are the only fit subjects of baptism and immersion the only gospel mode

11th We believe that we have no right to admit any but regular Baptist church members to commune with us at the Lords table

12th We believe that there will be a resurrection of the dead and a general or universal judgement and that the happiness of the righteous and the punishment of the wicked will be eternal