(1879-1962) Grandson of Elijah Averett

Son of Jennet Maria Averett and Wilson Glen Shumway

(Taken from the book, Averitt and Related Lines , p. 37)

Wallace Everett Shumway was born at Upper Kanab Ranch, Kane County, Utah on the 15th of May 1879. He is the son of Wilson Glen Shumway and Janette Maria Averett.

When Wallace was four years old his father moved to a place called Spring Valley, later known as Shumway. Wallace was named after his grandfather, Charles Shumway who had built a gristmill at Shumway. In Shumway, Wallace spent his boyhood working on the farm and doing whatever jobs he could find in the vicinity. When he was 21 he married Pearl Denham. She was also a resident of the community. They were married on November 7, 1900.

 On the 8th of June 1897, Wallace started for Mexico. Arriving there, he stayed at Colonia, Dublan from July 19th until Dec. 8, 1897. He received his patriarchal blessing on June 1, 1879.

After he got married he bought a farm, and built a house in Shumway. There, Wallace and Pearl started to raise a family. After their third child was born, Wallace was called on a mission to the Southern states. Wallace hauled enough wood to last his family two years. He fixed up their place and left them with a good fruit orchard, some other food supplies, and a cow. He left with perfect faith that his family would be all right until he returned. He labored two years in Virginia under President Ben E. Rich.

Wallace Everett Shumway served as bishop of the Shumway ward for four years. Several years were spent supplying and hauling hay to Fort Apache. This, along with his farm, helped to support his growing family. In 1920 he became tax assessor for Navajo County. He moved with his family to Holbrook, the county seat, where he served until 1930. This was during the great depression, so the first couple of years were hard. Wallace then got a position with the Maricopa county assessorís office as a deputy assessor in the Phoenix area. He served there for 30 years. He died at his home at 184 Granada, Phoenix, Arizona, 83 years after he arrived with his parents in Arizona at the age of 3 months.

 From the family record of Wallace Shumway.