(1901 Ė1956) Grandson of Elijah Averett
Son of Sarah Ann Averett and Mormon Alma Shumway

Vernell Shumway was the ninth child of Mormon Alma and Sarah Ann Shumway. She was born in Kanab, Kane County, Utah on the 2nd of September 1901. While Vern was still an infant his folks moved by wagon to Alamo, Nevada. Vern spent most of his life in Alamo. When Vern was a young man he worked for the ranchers of the valley, mostly the Gardner Ranch as a cowboy. When Vern was about 17 or 18 he married Gladys Lamb. His marriage only lasted a few months and they divorced.

On 6 March 1924 Vern married Enola Mae Ferguson. They lived in the home they bought from Vernís father. While they lived there Vern worked for the ranchers of the valley and was a government trapper. Their first three children were born while they lived there. Joel Leroy as born 26 October 1924. Ivan Vern was born 18 March 1927. Their daughter June Ione was born 3 June 1929. When Vern couldnít get work in the Valley he would go to Lund, Nevada and work for his brother-in-law. In the summer they would put up hay and in the winter they would feed cattle. When Vernís sister Ione and brother-in-law, Andy lost their son, Newton, Vern leased their ranch and lived there two years. On 20 September 1934 their last child, Nolan Franklin was born. They went up to stay with Enolaís folks while Enola was in bed with the baby. While they were gone, the house on Andyís ranch burned down. The fire burned everything that Vern and Enola had, but a few clothes and some bedding. It also burned all of Andy and Ioneís furniture.

 In 1939 they built a home on the West Side of the valley, which was across from the old Henry Sharp ranch. Then, they found out that Enola was a diabetic. They were doing very well and Vern was building a nice herd of cattle. Then, Enola took ill very suddenly. They took her to the hospital in Pioche, but she was only there a couple of days and she passed away on 29 October 1948. Vern and the children stayed on at the ranch a while. Then Vern bought the old Lucinda Brown home in Alamo and lived there. After a year or two the children were all married, or had jobs of their own. Vern took a job with the Lincoln County range feed project for the University extension service. He moved to Caliente. His widowed sister Christy moved over to keep the house for him. He had only been there a year or two when at work, at the corral out in Delamar Flat he was suddenly stricken with a heart attack. He was dead when the men he was working with got to where he had fallen. This was the 31 January 1956. Vern is survived by 4 children, 14 grandchildren, and 7 great grandchildren.