22 Sep 1904
Granddaughter of Elijah Averett
Daughter of Sarah Ann Averett and Mormon Alma Shumway


I, Thelma Shumway Lamb was the tenth child of Mormon Alma and Sarah Ann Averett Shumway. I was born on the 22 September 1904, at Alamo, Nevada. I grew up in Alamo. I married Carlton Phillip Lamb on 22 June 1922.

Our first son Carlton Glenn Lamb was born 16 January 1923 in Alamo. He grew up there. When he had finished school he served in World War II. He was in the paratroop and Gilder division and went through the Battle of the Bulge in Germany. He was married and they had two sons. Then, he and his wife got divorced. He then remarried. His sons and adopted daughter lived with them. They live in Las Vegas. Glenn is a Captain on the fire department.

 Our son Murray Everett was born 1925 and died 4 March 1932, of flu and pneumonia.

Our third son Lorin Lamb was born 3 September 1926. He is still living in Alamo and never married.

Our first daughter was born in Alamo, on 31 March 1930. We named her Sarah Valene. She married Roy Nesbitt of Hiko, Nevada. They had three children. She is now divorced from Roy and married to Ray Millard. They live in Wells, Nevada. Ray is a construction worker.

Our fourth child, Merlin James was born 15 May 1935 at Caliente, Nevada. He married Janice Garzand. They have two children, James and Debbie. They are now living in Las Vegas. Merlin works for the Atomic Energy Commission.

Our daughter Rhea Dell was born 1 September 1938. She married Robert E. Kelly. They live in Tuscon, Arizona. Robert works as a pipe fitter. They have three sons.

Sheryl Mary was born in Caliente, Nevada 1 January 1940. She is married to Kenneth Garzand. They have two sons. They live at Alamo, where he works for the State Highway Department.

During our married life we spent most of our time in Alamo, and in some of the nearby mining towns, until seventeen years ago when we moved to Moapa, Nevada. We moved there to work for a large cattle ranch. We have been living here since.

We have 6 living children, 14 grandchildren, and 1 great grandson. They are living in Alamo, Nevada.