(1896-) Granddaughter of Elijah Averett
Daughter of Sarah Ann Averett and Mormon Alma Shumway

Mardell was born 10 May 1896 to Mormon Alma Shumway and Sarah Ann Averett in Kanab, Utah. She moved from Kanab when she was six years old. She remembers the wagon they traveled in and all the food their friends in Kanab gave them.

She was always a hard worker, yet so cute and full of fun with a good sense of humor. She remembers living in a big tent in Pahranagat Valley, Nevada until they got the house and lot in Alamo. After she married Lawrence Sharp, they lived on a ranch below Alamo. She was such a good wife and mother and was always singing while cooking or cleaning.

She liked picnicking, ball games, and dancing. Her husband, Lawrence Sharp died 19 Aug 1959. He was buried at Alamo, Nevada. In 1979 she lives alone in Alamo, but is near her son.

She is the mother of a son, Ainslee Joseph Sharp and a daughter, Reva Sharp Koester.