1893-1972) Granddaughter of Elijah Averett
Daughter of Sarah Ann Averett and Mormon Alma Shumway

By her daughter Fanchon Holaday

Ione was the sixth child of Mormon Alma and Sarah Averett Shumway. She was born 20 March 1893 in Kanab, Utah. When she was about nine years old her folks left Kanab and moved to Alamo, Nevada. Ione went to school in Alamo and on the Henry Sharp Ranch. While they were living here, her brother Jed was kicked by a mule and died a few hours later. Since Ioneís father was away from home working, her brother Lige was away from home, and Vern was too small to do much work, Ione had to ride horse back and take care of the few head of cattle they had.

The year she was sixteen years of age she married Andrew Jackson Richard. They lived at the home of his parents until the next spring then they moved to Bishop, California. Their first child, a daughter was born there on 12 July 1910. They lived there for two years. Andy worked in the hay fields in the summer. He cut and hauled wood in the winter. They moved back to Alamo in 1912 and built a home on their ranch, which was just below his fatherís ranch. Their son, Newton was born in Alamo on 1 March 1913. Her husband ran the first mail line into Alamo. An automobile ran the mail line, which was a model T Ford. Then, Andy trapped for the government for a few years. Then, they moved to a ranch just above his Fatherís place. Here, they owned a garage where Andy worked on cars. After a few years Andyís folks moved to Caliente, so Ione and Andy moved into their home. They lived in Caliente for three or four years. Andy was elected County commissioner while they were living there. Their daughter had gone as far through High School in Alamo as she could. They only had the first two years there. So Ione took her two children and her niece, Elma Robinson to Panaca where the girls finished High School at Lincoln County High School. Newton graduated from the eighth grade the last year that they were in Panaca. They went back to their home in Pahranagat Valley when school was out and moved their home onto the south end of their ranch, so they would be close to the town of Alamo. This was a sad homecoming for Ione, because she had to leave Panaca a few days before her children graduated, because she got word to come home because her Mother was very ill. Her Mother, Sarah Ann Averett Shumway didnít get better and passed away the 28 of May. They had only lived in this home a couple of years when their son, Newton was taken suddenly ill with flu meningitis. He died on his nineteenth 19 birthday. Ione and Andy moved up to Ash Springs with their daughter. Her husband leased their ranch to her brother Vern and his wife. They ran a gas station and small store at Ash Springs for quite a number of years. Then they sold their place and bought a lot in Alamo, where they built a small home. They didnít get a chance to finish it before Andy took ill and had to be hospitalized in Caliente. He was in the hospital three years and eight months. He passed away 27 July 1958.

Ione broke her hip in October 1972, and was taken to the hospital in Las Vegas. I went down and stayed the three weeks she was in the hospital. Then, our son Newton and his wife helped me bring her to Payette. When she got to Payette she didnít get any better and had to be put in a rest home. The rest home was able to take care of her. She passed away Dec. 7, 1972. We took her back to Alamo. We laid her to rest between her husband and her son. She had 16 great grandchildren.