(1883-1958), Grandson of Elijah Averett
Son of Sarah Ann Averett and Mormon Alma Shumway

Elijah was the second child of Mormon Alma and Sarah Ann Averett Shumway. He was born 7 January 1883, some of the family records say at Kanab, Utah. Others say at Shumway. He was about 19 when his family moved to Alamo, Nevada. On 24 December 1910, he was married to Issa Millett at Alamo, Nevada. One year later their only child, a daughter, Neola was born, 29 December 1911 at Alamo. She reports her parents lived in Alamo, Fredonia, Arizona, and Kanab. She was only two years old when her parents separated. He father took her to Alamo where his parents took care of her for a year. Then her mother came and got her. She continued to live with her mother in Utah.

Neola married Vernal Stratton 3 October 1933. They lived in Hurricane, Utah and now live in Cedar City. They are parents of six children. Lila Jean is married to Rodney Earl Kaminska and they have five children. He later married Penny Murrell. She had one child. Arvin LeWayne married Margo Ann Lewis and they have five children. Manon married John Reed Corry. They live in Cedar City and have five children. Marie Alena married Raymond LeRoy Condie. He died in 1965 after three children were born to them. She is now married to Kent Davis and has six children altogether. The youngest daughter, Judy Neola is married to Nelson Grant Gragson and they have three children.

Elijah lived mostly around Alamo where his parents were. He worked mostly for the cattlemen of Pahranagat Valley. He loved horses and always had two or three beautiful horses and good saddles, bridles, martingales, fancy chaps and bright colored handkerchiefs.

On the 3rd of March 1923, Elijah married his second wife, Ila Rae Von Ohlen, in Alamo. She was born in Leland, Illinois and came out to Hiko, Nevada to teach school. After they were married, they lived in Alamo and Lige worked as a cowboy and ranchhand. Their first son, Kenneth Vern was born here. In January 1925, they moved to Illinois where they lived on a farm. There twin sons, Robert Alma and Richard Henry were born in Leland. Lige continued to farm until 1953 and in December they moved into Leland where they lived until Lige passed away in 1958. Ila Rae still lives in Leland in 1979.

Kenneth Vern in married to Mary Margaret Farley. They live on a farm south of Sandwich, Illinois and are parents of three children, Alan Gene, Constance Marie and Candice Renee. Kenneth was in the U.S. 9th Army during World War II.

Robert Alma is married to Margaret Ellen Rierson. They live in Leland Illinois. They are parents of two children, Calvin Robert and Rebecca Ann. Robert is employed by the John Deere Implement dealer and served in the armed forces from 1946 to 1949.

Richard Henry married Betty Lou Miller. They live in Leland and have five children, David Lee, Debra Lynn, Douglas Kim, Dennis Kevin and Dan Kent. His trade is carpentry and he works at Ottowa, Illinois. He served in World War II with the Second Marine Division.