(1901- ) Granddaughter of Elijah Averett
Daughter of Janette Mariah Averett and Wilson Glen Shumway

I was born in Shumway, Arizona, 20 October 1901, the last and 9th child of Wilson Glen Shumway and Janette Mariah Averett. I spent most of my growing up years in Shumway. I attended grade school there and high school in Snowflake and Lakeside.

I was reared in a home where the Gospel was lived and taught. On the 30th of October, 1909. I was baptized by Walter Denham in Shumway Creek. I used to help my father with the farm work, hitching horses and farming. I liked to read novels by Bessie Rhoton, and I used to act them out. Carrie Perkins trained us for school plays.

I married Joseph Arley Peterson in the Salt Lake Temple on the 5th of October 1922. We moved several times from place to place for employment and schools for our children. We are parents of three sons and a daughter who died soon after birth. Our sons Orville Max, Leo Clarence and Joseph Van have all married and have children. They are faithful members of the Church. Max and Leo both filled missions for the Church. We have 17 grandchildren; five grandsons have filled missions.

I have worked in every organizations of the church. In 1950 Arley and I were set apart as workers in the Arizona Temple, where we have been very happy. Arley was released in April 1977 because of health problems.

I was also a wage earner for many years, mostly as an employee of the Church such as Storehouse Keeper in Snowflake and as Dock manager for Arizona Regional Storehouse in Mesa.