25 May 1885 – 16 Oct 1970

Granddaughter of Elijah Averett
Daughter of Sarah Ann Averett and Mormon Alma Shumway

Christina was the third child of Mormon and Sarah Ann Averett Shumway. She was born in Kanab, Kan Co., Utah May 25, 1885. Her early years were spent in and around Kanab. She had to quit school in the sixth grade to help her Mother with the household chores and the young children at home.

When Christy was seventeen her family moved to Alamo, Nevada. They now had eight children, and work around Kanab wasn’t too plentiful. After they got to Alamo Christy helped her Mother with the family chores and worked for the neighbor women. She also found time to go back to school and finish the sixth grade. When she was eighteen she went to Delamar, Nevada to work for the Will Stewart family for awhile. She then came back to Alamo and went to work at the Gardner ranch. While working there she met Edward Joseph Robinson. He was working there as a teamster. Ed was born in Iowa but had come west looking for an older brother. He didn’t find the brother but liked the west and being very fond of horses, he stayed on and worked at the Gardner Ranch awhile and then moved to Delamar and lived there a few months where Ed worked in the mines. They moved back to Alamo and here their first three children Eva, Elma, and Arthur were born. Thy then moved to Tonopah, Nevada where they lived for three years. Their youngest son Erwin was born there. While Erwin was still an infant Christi went back to Alamo by wagon to visit her family. While she was there Ed contracted typhoid pneumonia and died. She couldn’t get to Tonopah, so two brothers, one of which was his twin, came out and took him back to Esterville, Iowa for burial.

Christy stayed in Alamo; she bought a house and a few head of cattle with the insurance money she got from her husband. The county gave her fifteen dollars a month for widows pension. She had to take in washings which she did on a scrub board, and did house work for the women around the neighborhood to make enough to raise her family. All of the children went to work at early ages to help with the family livelihood.

She remained a widow for twenty-eight years until her children were all married. Then she married a life long friend, John Carl Foremaster, who had also lost his wife and was alone. They had a few years of happiness. John rebuilt her little home and he was a real comfort when her oldest son died when he was 34 years old of tuberculosis. John died of a heart attack Oct 5, 1952. She then moved to Caliente to be near her older daughter Eva Foremaster and to keep house for her younger brother, Vern who had lost his wife and was working in Caliente. They had only lived there a year or two when Vern died of a heart attack. In 1965 she fell and broke her hip and was confined to the hospital there. She was visited by her three remaining sisters, her many other relatives, and many many friends. Her daughter Eva was always near to take care of her needs.

Christy passed away October 16, 1970 after 5 years in the hospital at Caliente.