12 Apr 1910 – 18 Jul 1964
Granddaughter of Elijah Averett
Daughter of Sarah Ann Averett and Mormon Alma Shumway

 Blanche Shumway, eleventh and last child of Mormon Alma and Sarah Ann Averett Shumway, was born 12 April 1910, at Alamo, Lincoln Co., Nevada. She married Arthur Richard Foremaster 17 Dec. 1928. They lived in Alamo and Arthur helped his Father run the mail from Alamo to Caliente. They had four children. Mildred Joy, Murray Arthur, Robert Gerald and Kenneth Ray. They moved to Sparks, Nevada and lived there several years. Then they returned to Alamo and ran a freight line between Las Vegas and Pioche. They sold the freight line and moved to Tempinte where they operated a service station and garage. When Tempinte closed down they moved to Henderson and bought a home there. After they had lived there a few years Blanche was in very poor health and got so she couldn’t do her own work, so they bought a mobile home. They moved into Las Vegas and lived near her nephew Glen Lamb. Blanche passed away 18 July 1964. She was survived by her husband and four children. Her son Murray has since passed away. She has thirteen (13) grandchildren.

Her daughter Mildred Joy was born 9 Dec. 1930. She married Keith Hubert Cutler and they have five (5) children, Glenna Joy, Terry Marlene, Carol Ann, Cathy Sue and Harold Keith. They live in Henderson, Nevada.

Their son Murray Arthur was born 4 Feb. 1933. He helped his father with the freight line when he was in high school and after his graduation from high school. When his folks moved to Tempinte he moved out there too and went to work in the mill. He married Gail Schofield 15 Sept., 1951. He was called into the Armed forces in Feb. 1953. After basic training at Camp Roberts he was sent to Germany, where he spent the remainder of his two years as Company Clerk for the 108 Trans. Co. Gail joined him for Christmas, 1953 in Heidelberg and returned home in May, 1954 to spend the next six months in Hiko waiting the birth of their son, Murray Lynn. He was born 28 Nov. 1954 but didn’t see his daddy until Feb. 1955. On his release from the Army, Murray went back out to Tempinte and worked in the service station with his Father. When Tempinte closed down they moved to Henderson and Murray worked as an Engineer for the fire department for three years. Then due to an eye injury he quit and went to work for Wells and Stewart in construction work. They lived in Henderson until 1965 when Murray’s work took them to Wells, Nevada. They made a trip to Hiko to visit Gail’s parents and while there Murray suffered a heart attack and passed away 17 Aug. 1966. Gail and Lynn resided in Hiko in a mobile home. Lynn went to school in Alamo, and Gail drove the school bus and worked in the lunchroom. Lynn filled a mission in England and has since married.

Blanche’s son Robert Gerald was born 25 Aug. 1939. He married Estelle Stewart, 3 May 1962. They live in Las Vegas, Nevada and they have five children, Robert Gerald, Jr., Richard Taylor, Murray Ray, Theral Lynn, and Derek Kenneth.

Their youngest son Kenneth Ray married Raunna Rae Woodbury. They have two children Ason Kelly Ray and a daughter Denice.