5 Nov 1895 18 May 1992
Granddaughter of Elijah Averett
Daughter of Janette Maria Averett & Wilson Glen Shumway

 Blanche Shumway Hansen, having been brought up by pioneer parents was taught endurance and loyalty. She attended the local schools, and the Academy at Snowflake. She also attended the Flagstaff State College, but never graduated. She studied and took the State Teachers examination. Having passed it, she taught school in Taylor, Arizona, for one year and in Lakeside, Navajo, Arizona, for five years. She was active in the Church, serving as an organist for Sunday School, and teaching in Sunday School, Primary, and M.I.A.

She met an old friend, Horace Hansen, who had recently returned from a mission in the Southern States. After a period of courtship, they were married in the Salt Lake Temple, on October 6, 1920. At this time, Horace was serving as a counselor in the Bishopric in Lakeside, Arizona and this is where they settled.

She taught school another year in Lakeside and also completed the second half of a term of teaching in Shumway, Arizona. Her first child was born January 3, 1922, and a few years later, the family moved to McNary, where her husband worked as an electrician. Later on, the work shut down and they set out to look for a new job. They spent about six months at Leupp, Arizona, where she was a matron for a dormitory of 50 small Indian boys, which she enjoyed very much. They then moved back to McNary, Arizona when work was resumed there. Their first son was born there. Later they moved again and finally settled down in Winslow, Arizona where they built a home. Another daughter and three more boys were born here. This completed their family.

In Winslow, Blanche served in all of the church organizations including being President of the Relief Society and of the Primary. Her favorite activity was teaching classes. She did this for many years in Sunday School, Primary and M.I.A. Her husband, Horace, died in Nov. 1964 and about a year later, Blanche moved to Mesa where she bought a home and spent 15 or more years doing temple work.

One of her hobbies has been to write little stories, experiences, her own philosophies and ideas. These were for her family to read and know and remember her by.

 By Blanche