(1816-1870) Sister of Elijah Averett

Sarah Averett was born on 29 Oct 1816, in Maury County, Tennessee. Her father John Averett had gone to the regions of the Cumberland and Duck Rivers to do some surveying for the government. He liked the area so much that he returned to Barren County, Kentucky and moved his wife, Jannett Hamilton Gill, and his daughter Mary back to Maury County. They lived in Maury County from 1809 to 1830. All of the rest of the children were born there. After the birth of Alexander Murray in 1828, John went with some neighbors to White County, Illinois and bought a place. He returned to Kentucky and sold his farm and then moved to White County. He only stayed there a few months and then he traded his place for one in Hamilton County, Illinois. It was nine miles south of McLainsboro in the settlement known as Mayberry. They had 80 acres of land, 40 of which was under cultivation. (On 23 Mar 1829, John, through a federal land sale, bought an 80-acre farm in the adjoining Hamilton County for $1.25 an acre. It was located in the Crook/Lasater Township 6S, E2NW of Sec. 10, Range 7E.)

On the 15th of May 1832, Sarah’s brothers Elijah and Elisha volunteered for the Black Hawk War. By this time her sister Jannett had married Samuel Alexander Kelsey, and Mary had married Eldridge G. Porter. On the 23 of June 1834, Sarah ran off and married Obed Webb, without the consent of her parents. She was married by her brother-in-law, Eldridge G. Porter. In all the Averett histories I have found nothing written about Sarah except in the journal of her brother George Washington Gill Averett. He states: "About 1833 or 1834, Obed Webb took my sister Sarah and married her without the consent of my father and mother. Soon after they were married Obed abused Sarah by whipping her. He abused her in a most ridiculous manner."

In about 1835, the Averett family was visited by Latter-day Saint (Mormon) missionaries. George Washington Gill Averett states that his father, mother, three sisters and two brothers all joined the church. In April of 1836, Sarah’s sisters Eliza and Jennett and her brothers Elijah and Elisha moved to Caldwell County, Missouri. The following year Sarah’s father, mother, sister Pyrenia, and brothers John and Murray also moved to Caldwell County, Missouri. Since Sarah was married, she did not go with the family. As communication is not like it is in our day, I believe she lost track of the rest of the family. My conclusion is based on the fact that I have found many histories written about all of the Averett’s except Sarah. It must have been a very sad time for her to see all of her family leave. She must have been very close to some of her brothers and sisters because Elijah, Elisha, and Jannet all gave one of their daughters the name of Sarah. Sarah named her sons Elijah and Murray.

Further research on the internet has led me to a Glenda Simmons who is a gg granddaughter of Sarah. She tells me that Sarah had the following children: Henry Martin Webb, John Murray Webb, Hal Roundtree Webb, Elijah Averett Webb, and twins who died at birth. Sarah died in McLeansboro, Hamilton, Illionis on 4 May 1870.