Elijah Averett Time Line

The first part of this time line is events that happened in the United States before and during Elijah's life. The second part is a time line of Elijah's life. This page is under construction and not complete.


1620 Pilgrims arrive in Plymouth

1775-83 American Revolutionary War

1789 Constitution established

1805, Dec 23 Joseph Smith is born in Sharon, Windsor Co., Vermont

1820, Spring Joseph Smith's 1st Vision

1823, Sept 21 Moroni appears to Joseph Smith

1827, Jan 18 Joseph Smith marries Emma Hale

1830, Mar 26 Book of Mormon goes on sale in Palmyra, New York

1829, May 15 Aaronic Priesthood Restored

1829, May-Jun Melchezedek Priesthood Restored

1830, Apr 6 Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints organized

1830, Nov Missionaries visited Western Reverve (Ohio) & baptized 127

1831, Feb 1 Joseph Smith moves to Kirtland, Ohio

1831, July 20 Jackson Co, Miss. consecrated as the land of inheritance, & center place of Zion

1831, Aug 3 Temple Lot in Independence is dedicated by Joseph Smith

1832, Feb 16 Joseph received vision of 3 degrees of glory,at the Johnson farm in Hiram, Ohio

1833, Feb 27 Word of Wisdom revealed

1833, Oct 20 Saints in Jackson Co, Miss. announce their intent to defend themselves & to seek redress

1833, Oct 31 Mob attacks Whitmer settlement on Big Blue River just west of Independence.

1833, Nov-Dec Saints 1,200 Saints expelled from Jackson Co. and flee into Clay Co.

1834, May Zions Camp begins journey to Missouri to help saints redeem & restore Zion

1834, July Stake organized in Clay Co. Missouri

1835, Feb 12 apostles & Quorum of Seventy were called in Kirtland

1836, Mar 27 Kirtland Temple dedicated.

1836, Summer Saints, ill & impoverished flee to northern Missouri.to Ray Co., later called Caldwell

1836, Aug Far West is founded.

1836, Aug 6 Mobs prevent election voting in Gallatin, Daviess Co., Missouri

1836, Dec Daviess & Caldwell Co.'s formed from the sparsley settle regions of N. Ray Co.,Miss.

1837, May Bank panic of 1837. Kirtland Bank closes Nov. 18, 1837. Many apostatized

1838, Aug 1st Missionaries go to England

1838, Jan 12 Joseph leaves Kirtland and settles in Far West, Caldwell Co., Missouri

1838 Church has grown to around 5,000 peopele. Must establish new towns: Haunís Mill in Caldwell Co; Adam-ondi-ah;man, Millport, and Gallatin in Daviess Co. and DeWitt in Carroll Co.

1838, May Adam-ondi-Ahman founded & designated as the gathering place for Kirtland Saints.

1838, June De Witt was settled where Grand River enters the Missouri River. Abandoned 10-11-38

1838, July 8 Law of Tithing revealed

1838, Oct 25 A few miles north of Richmond, the Battle of Crooked River takes place. David W. Patten becomes first martyr of this dispensation

1838, Oct 27 Governor Boggs issues extermination order

1838, Oct 30 Refusing to follow Prophet's council to move, the saints at Haun's Mill are massacred.

1838, Oct 31 Far West attacked. Joseph Smith thinks he is going to a peace talk and is turned over to the mob militia

1838, Nov Joseph taken to Richmond where he has a 13 day trial. Taken to Liberty jail and imprisoned from Nov 1838 to April 1839.

1838, Saints flee to Iowa and Illinois. Many go to Quincy where townspeople treat them kindly.

1839, Prophet tells Saints to seek redress for losses in Missouri. Take petitions to President Martin Van Buren who says: "Your cause is just but I can do nothing for you. If I take up for you, I will loose the Missouri vote."

    1. Nauvoo period

1841, April 6 Cornerstone of Nauvoo Temple laid

1844, June27 Joseph & Hyrum Smith murdered in Carthage, Illinois

1845, Dec Ordinance work in Nauvoo Temple begins

1846, Feb 4 First group of Saints leave Nauvoo headed west. Sugar Creek, Richardson Point, Chariton River Crossing, Locust Creek (William Clayton writes some "Come, Come Ye Saints), Garden Grove, Mount Pisgah, Grand Encampment, Council Bluffs.

1846, May 1 Nauvoo Temple dedicated

1846, July 1 Mormon Battalion, 500 men, US campaign against Mexico. Marched from Council Bluffs to San Diego.

1846, Sept Remaining Saints driven out of Nauvoo

1846 Winter Church headquaters established in Winter Quarters. 12,000 Saints still scattered across Iowa. Trek west postponed. Deathly place, over 600 loose their lives.

1847, April 5 Brigham Young takes first group headed west: Platte River, Loup Fork Crossing, Fort Kearney, Ash Hollow, Chimney Rock, Scotts Bluff, Fort Laramie, Upper Platte (Mormon) Ferry, Red Buttes, Sweetwater River, Independence Rock, Martinís Cove, Rocky Ridge, etc., Traveled 1050 miles to Salt Lake valley.

24 July 1847, Sick with Mt. Fever, Brigham Young enters valley and proclaims, "This is the right place. Drive on."

26 Aug 1847 Brigham Young leaves Salt Lake and heads east to bring more Saints west.

1853-54 Walker War to subdue marauding Indians, Utah

1861-1864 U.S. Civil War

1862 The (Utah) Nauvoo Legion protected overland mail & telegraph lines

(Utah) Nauvoo Legion disbanned by Edmunds-Tucker Act.

1894 Utah Nat. Guard created )



12 Dec 1810 Elijah & Elisha Averett were born in Muray County, Tennessee.

1829 fall moved with family to Mayberry settlement near McLeansboro, Hamilton Co., Ill

9 Feb 1830 married Cherrizade Grimes

20 Oct 1830 daughter Helen Marion Averett is born in McLeansboro, Hamilton Co., Illinois

23 Sep 1831 son William Wallace Averett is born in McLeansboro, Hamilton Co., Illinois

15 May 1832 Volunteered as soldier in Black Hawk War.

June 6, 1835 Joined the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

April 1836 Elisah moved to Far West, Missouri settled on Shoal Creek. Elijah and the rest of family followed a year later.

Aug 1838 Election at Gallatin, Missouri where skirmish arises when Mormons not allowed to vote

4 Jul 1838 Foundation of Far West Temple laid. Elisha chief mason, and Elijah quarried rock for Temple.

31 Oct 1838 held as prisoner at Far West when Gen. Clark took many of the town leaders as prisoners. The Prophet is taken to Richmond then to Liberty jail where he spent six months. Four days after they laid down arms, Elijah is called up to go before the mob to be taken to Richmond. Rides 15 miles & hides on a creek called Poor Tom at Brother Henderson's for three weeks.

Gets with family & they start for Illinois, get to Hann's Mill but the horses can't make it so they go back home to Far West. Leave for Illinois, crossed Mississippi River at Hannibal, to Payson to Hamilton, Illinois for 3 years.

10 Sep 1842 Gets to Nauvoo on training day of Nauvoo Legion.

27 Jun 1844 Prophet is murdered

Guards temple for 3 years, belongs to New Police for 18 mos. Worked on Nauvoo Temple as one of the chief stone masons. Worked on Nauvoo House

Nauvoo Temple opens & Elijah gets endowments on 3rd day, Dec 13, 1845.

Sept 1846 Saints are driven out of Nauvoo. Brigham makes him captain of the 3rd 50 group of pioneers at Sugar Creek, Iowa .

Elijah is called to go ahead & build bridges and hunt camping places. Camp get to head of Grand River & setttle at the Mill. Leaves Garden Grove to go back to Nauvoo & get his family. Connects with family. Go to Papillion Springs where Pres. Of U.S.A. requests men for Mormon Batallion. Elisha joins 1 Jul 1846

Called to go to the Horn River and build bridges. Build eight then back to Cutler's Park. Deathly sick for 9 months.

Camp moves to Winter Quarters on the Missouri River. Now called Florence.

14 Jan 1847 Brigham receives revelation to go to the mountains. Camp is at Winter Quarters, he lives across river in Honey Creek & builds house. Brigham calls Elijah to drive Mary his wife across the plains. Organize camp, cross Horn River. Crosses plains. Goes to head of Sweet Water. Heads back for his family.

1851, Spring 84 wagons leave for the west. Cross Salt River. Cholera strikes camp killing 17.

Kept above Fort Kerney. Cross North Platt river. Arrive in SLC, Brigham tells him to go to Manti.

Lives in Manti 14 years. Works as a stone mason, farmer & was in Walker Indian War of 1853-1854

1 Nov 1850 daughter Cherrizade Averett is born in Manti, Utah

19 Mar 1853 daughter Melissa Ermizade Averett is born in Manti, Utah. She is the last child of Elijah and Cherrizade Grimes

3 Jul 1855 Elijah marries Johanna Christine Neilson, a Danish immigrant.

8 May 1857 son Elisha Averett is born in Manti, Utah

Brigham Young calls him to settle & be President of the stake at Fort Ephraim. Stays one year.

20 Mar 1859 daughter Jennet Maria is born in Ephraim, Utah

Elijah goes back to Manti & is elected to the City Council. Was a first Lt. when Johnson's Army came to Utah in 1858. At time of Indian outbreak, he helped built wall around city of Manti.

26 May 1861 daughter Martha Elzade is born in Manti, Utah

Oct 1861 Pres. Young calls him to Dixie, Washington County, for the two year cotton mission.

6 Apr 1864 daughter Sarah Ann Averett is born in Washington, Washington, Utah.

26 May 1866 son George Christian Averett is born in Washington, Washington, Utah

Son Elijah Jr. is killed by Indians 26 Aug 1866 on an expedition during the time of Piute Indian outbreaks in southern Utah

21 May 1868 son Charles John Averett is born in Washington, Washington, Utah

Called to work on SLC Temple for abt. Two years. Takes Johanna and family to Provo to live. Son Murray Averett is born 15 Sep 1870 in Provo. Cherrizade is in Washington, Utah

Pres. Calls him to build fort at Pipe Springs

April 1872 Finished fort at Pipe Springs and moves to Kanab. Took up 160 acres on land at Square Hole Bottom south of town a mile or two. Works as a farmer, and builds tombstones at Kanab. Also builds rock houses. Gets cattle & turns them onto public range. Stolen except one cow.

28 Jan 1873 daughter Diantha Lorena Averett born in Kanab, Utah

19 Mar 1875 daughter Sina Cecelia Averett born in Kanab, Utah

1 May 1878 daughter Elnora Christina Averett born in Kanab, Utah. She dies 9 Jun 1890

4 Sep 1880 son Marenius Averett born in Kanab or Springerville. He dies 2 Feb 1881

20 Apr 1882 daughter Louise Averett is born in Kanab, Utah

1 Oct 1882 Elijah moves to Springerville, Arizona

1 Sep 1886 Elijah dies in Springerville, Arizona

1 Jan 1896 wife Cherrizade Grimes Averett dies in Mesa, Arizona

16 July, 1998

31 Jan 1924 wife Johanna Christine Neilson dies in Kanab, Utah