The following is a list of the earliest settlers of Kanab, Utah. It would be wonderful to know the names of all family members that came to Kanab. If you have family histories or pictures on any of the pioneers listed below, please contact me so that their efforts may also be honored.

Settlers before 1863

George Staples, Henry Clark, Levi Savage, Joseph Smith, George Petty, Amos Davis, Hyrum Strong, Orin Clark, Charles Penny, Joseph Macfate, Thomas Adair, Charles Partridge, James Powell, a man named Nelson, a widow Stokes and her two unmarried sons, Will and Henry. (Taken from the History of Kane County.)

Families who arrived with Levi Stewart in July, 1870.

Levi Stewart and family (consisting of 17 members), Moses Franklin Farnsworth and family (consisting of 7 members), David Brinton, ___Burt (blacksmith), John Rider and family (consisting of 4 members), Lyman Porter and family. These families had been living in Cottonwood Canyon, near Salt Lake City. Allen Frost and family (consisting of 6 members), Edward A. Noble and family (consisting of 4 members), William Thompson and Edward Cooke. These families were from Bountiful, Utah.

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