Artemacy Wilkerson Stewart

Artemacy Wilkerson was born 5 Oct 1834 in Rockford, Jackson, Indiana, the daughter of Thomas Wilkerson and Eliza Followell. She married William Horace Casaday by whom she had a son, William Jackson Casaday. She divorced William after he abandoned her for the gold fields of California. On 31 Dec 1854 she married Levi Stewart who was also married to her sister, Margery. She bore eleven children but only five reached maturity. William Jackson Casaday died at the age of 18 on 14 Nov 1870; Urban Van Stewart died at the age of 13 in the Kanab Fort fire on 14 Dec 1870; Mary Artemacy Stewart died at 15 months; Seymore Alexander Stewart died at 18 months; Ellen Lenora Stewart died at 2 months; and Benjamin Levi died at 29 years. She had three babies which all died at a very young age, one being born just months after the Kanab fire which took the lives of her son Urban Van, and her sister Margery and Margery's three sons. Upon the death of Margery, she lovingly cared for Margery's children. Artemacy had a two-month-old daughter when Levi died on 14 June 1878. The 1880 census of Kanab, Kane, Utah, records Artemacy (45), Lucinda (25), Brigham Freeman (15), David Brinton (12), Benjamin Levi (9) and Ethel (2).

Artemacy was a midwife and delivered babies until she was in her eighties. She passed away in Elgin, Lincoln, Nevada on 2 Dec 1914. She is buried in the Alamo Cemetery in Alamo, Lincoln, Nevada