John Riley Stewart and Eliza Stevenson Family

John Riley Stewart, son of Levi Stewart and Melinda Howard was born 21 Nov 1840 in Council Bluffs, Iowa. Two years after their marriage, Frances Ellen Van Hooser died. He then married Eliza Stevenson on 16 Dec 1865 and had ten children.

In 1883, John and Frances Ellen's son, John Clarence Stewart, went on a mission to New Zealand. When he returned home he brought home with him a little Maori boy. His name was Piriki Whaanga. He had been given to John as an expression of the Maoir's love towards John. Perry was about eight years old. He lived with John Riley and Eliza and was loved as if he were their own. He lived only to his twenty-sixth year when he was fatally injured while riding a horse.

If any of you can identify this family, please let me know, otherwise this is my guess. Looking at picture left to right, Back row: Lyman Eugene, Willard Levi, and Ezra Albert. Middle row: Little boy to left of father is Charles Herbert. Youngest child between parents is Areta. Front row: Perry, girl with necklace is Clarice, boy on right is Joseph Franklin.