Lamb, Abel

Abel Lamb was born in 1801 in Rowe, Franklin Co., Mass. At the age of 25 years he married Almira Merrill. He was a school teacher. He was baptized a member of the Mormon Church in 1833, in Lake Concison, New York, by Joseph Smith Sr., Father of the Prophet. The family of six sons and one daughter followed the Prophet to Kirkland, Ohio. He was ordained a high priest in the Kirkland Temple by Don Carlos Smith, brother of the prophet. In 1838 they were living in Diahmon, Daviess Co., Missouri and were driven by mobs from Missouri to Colombus, Adams Co., Ohio. He was made President of the Mt. Hope Stake. Five more sons were born between 1840-1845. Only one lived to be more than three years old. After moving to Nauvoo, Illinois, Abel becomes part of the Mormon exodus to Utah. His oldest son, Lisbon, marched away with the Mormon Battalion. Abel arrived in Salt Lake City, Utah on 10 Sept 1850 with the Thomas Johnson Camp. Abel had also learned the cooper's trade and he and his sons set up a shop in Salt Lake City. Abel and Almira had 14 children. Seven were buried in their childhood, and upon the accidental death of her youngest son, Almira's health broke and she died 8 Jan 1865. Abel then married Elizabeth Esnuff with whom he had two daughters. Upon her death he married Marie Peterson Sanberg. Five children blessed this union. In 1872, Abel was ordained a Patriarch by Brigham Young. Abel died 14 Apr 1874 and is buried in Cedar City, Iron, Utah.