Father: Joseph HOWARD
Mother: Jane Jeannie MC ALILLEY

Family 1: Emily Catherine STEWART
  1. +Joseph Jasper HOWARD
  2.  Martha Angelina HOWARD
  3.  Jennette Frances HOWARD
  4.  Mary Catherine HOWARD
  5. +James Newton HOWARD
  6.  Franklin HOWARD
  7.  Emma Jane HOWARD
  8. +Johny Tilman Albert HOWARD

                            _Abraham HOWARD ___
 _Joseph HOWARD ___________|
|                          |_Lydia STEWART ____
|--John T. HOWARD 
|                           _Samuel MCALILLEY _
|_Jane Jeannie MC ALILLEY _|
                           |_Jennie JOHNSON ___



MARRIAGE: According to the Vol 1 Bk 2 of Early Marriages 1837-1851 of Le e Co., Iowa the handwritten record of the marriage of John T. Howard (21 ) and Emily Catherine Stewart (20) occured on 17 Dec 1847. Benjamin Holla nd was the M.G. The marriage license was not issued until Feb 1848. Res earcher: Georgenia Stewart

1850 Census: John T. Howard was 24 years old in the 1850 28th Division i n the County of Lee, Iowa. Taken 10 Oct 1850, dwelling 1309.
John T. Howard, male, age 24, farmer, born in Illinois.
Catherine Howard, female, age 22, born in Tennessee
He is living next to his brother Samuel Howard and his father Joseph Howa rd.
Researcher: Georgenia Stewart 14 Mar 2008.

1860 Census: John T. Howard was 34 years old in the 1860 Dallas Township , Marion County, Iowa Census p.797, dwelling 864, family #21 taken 12 Jul y 1860, post office Newbern. He and his wife Cath. (Emily Catherine Stewa rt) have five children. Joseph J. Howard, 9 years old; Martha A. Howard , seven years old; G.F. Howard (female), six years old; Mary C. Howard, t hree years old, and James A. Howard, one month old. His occupation is a f armer, with real estate valued at $1,500 and personal property valued a t $350. Joseph J., Martha A., and G.F. all were in school that year. Joh n T. was born in Illinois, Catherine in Tennessee and all children in Iow a. Researcher: Georgenia Stewart, 21 Feb 2008.

1870 Census: Dallas Township, Marion County, Iowa taken 5th & 8th Day o f August 1870, Post Office Marysville, page 12, family 79
Howard, John, age 43, farmer, real estate $400, personal estate $100, bor n Illinois
Howard, Franklin, age 9, born in Iowa.
Researcher: Georgenia Stewart, 24 July 2010

1870 Census: Mill Creek Township, Washington Co., Kansas taken 21 July 1 870.
Howard, J.T., 42, farmer, b-Iowa, personal estate 1,200 .
Howard, Catherine, 42, keeping house, b-Indiana
Howard, J.J. male, 19, farm laborer, b-Iowa
Howard, M.C., female, 13, no occupation, b-Iowa
Howard, Jas. M. , male, 10, at home, b-Iowa
Howard, Jno, male, 2, b-Iowa
Source: Researcher: Georgenia Stewart, 15 May 2010

1880 Census: John T. Howard was 53 in the 1880 Census of Mill Creek Town ship, Washington Co., Kansas, taken 8 June 1880.. He is living with hi s 53 year old wife, Emina C. Howard (this is probably Emily Catherine Ste wart) and his son Johny T. A. Howard, 11 years old, born in Iowa. John T . Howard is a farmer. Source: Family LDS Family History L ibrary Film 1254399, NA Film Number T9-0399, Page 489C. John T. is livin g next to his son, Joseph J. Howard and his family. Researcher: Georgeni a Stewart, 2 Nov. 2002.

1900 Census: John T. Howard was 73 years old in the 1900 United States F ederal Census, District 99, Union, Republic Co., Kansas, taken 12 June 19 90. He is a widow living with his son John Howard. Census states he wa s born November 1826. He was born in Illinois, his father born in Tennes see and his mother in North Carolina. He can read and write and speak En glish. Source: 1900 United States Federal Census, District 99, Union, R epublic Co., Kansas. Supervisors Dist #5, Sheet #9, page 3421, Dwellin g 161. Researcher: Georgenia Stewart, Feb 28, 2005.

SOURCE: A brief background of the Newbern cemetery from the Cemetery an d Death Records of Warren County, Iowa, by the Warren County Genealogica l Society, 1980 In the spring of 1835, Joseph Howard moved his family t o Lee County, Iowa. He purchased 320 acres and they resided there for fif teen years. In 1850 he sold his farm and emigrated to Warren County. He a rrived in October and settled in White Breast Township. Over a period o f time, he entered 1200 to 1400 acres of land in Warren and Lucas countie s.
In February, 1852, Rev. Joseph Howard moved onto 120 acres in Section 1 6 of White Breast. He built his home there and lived there until his deat h on February 2, 1875. The town of Newbern was laid out by Ransom Davi s in 1851, an he built the first house. In 1853 Joseph Howard was in char ge of the first post office which was just over the county line in Luca s County. There were four cabins between Knoxville and Newbern and one be tween Newbern and Chariton. Rev Howard lived west of the south corner o f Newbern on the south side of the road toward Lacona. He started holdin g church meetings in his home, which started the Cumberland Presbyteria n Church on October 10, 1853. The church building was erected in 1857. Th e first board of ruling elders of Cumberland Presbyterian Church were Jos eph H. Stewart, Samuel J. Howard and John T. Howard. The first deacons we re A.C. Cunningham and Luther Riggs. Fred Hunerdosse was a ruling Elder f or thirty years.

Cemetery and Death Records of Warren County, Iowa, page 477 state: John H oward, buried in Newbern cemetery is a veteran of the civil war. Research er: Georgenia Stewart, 11 Nov 1989.

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Eliza Ellen HOWICK

Family 1: William Levi BUTTERWORTH

|  |__
|--Eliza Ellen HOWICK 
|   __


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Charles Hansford STEWART

Father: Benjamin Hansford STEWART
Mother: Missouri Hattie ALLISON

Family 1: Charlotte Dollie WILLIAMS
  1. +Artie Isabell STEWART
  2. +Lowell Clyde STEWART
  3. +Linnie Maud STEWART
  4.  LIVING
  5. +Dayton Anson STEWART
  6. +Hiram O'Dell STEWART
  7. +Thomas Raymond STEWART
  8. +Vernon Ozell STEWART

                              _John Gilbert STEWART _
 _Benjamin Hansford STEWART _|
|                            |_Margaret COPELAND ____
|--Charles Hansford STEWART 
|                             _Houston ALLISON ______
|_Missouri Hattie ALLISON ___|
                             |_Ruth HALE ____________


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Elizabeth STEWART

Father: Benjamin C. STEWART
Mother: Mary COPELAND

Family 1: John Milton HAMMONS

  1.  John C. HAMMONS
  2.  Mandy H. HAMMONS
  3.  Walis R. HAMMONS

                        _David STEWART ______
 _Benjamin C. STEWART _|
|                      |_Sarah LEA __________
|--Elizabeth STEWART 
|                       _James COPELAND _____
|_Mary COPELAND _______|
                       |_Elizabeth COPELAND _



!CENSUS: Mary Copeland Stewart is living next to a James Copeland in th e 1850 Census of Overton Co., Tennessee, 503-504. Mary Stewart, 27, bor n in TN; Martha, 11, born in TN; Elizabeth, 9, born in TN; Catharine, 7 , born in TN; and Nancy, 4, born in TN. Researcher: Georgenia Stewart , 11 May 1999.

BIRTH: Elizabeth Stewart was 18 in the 1860 Census. She was 29 in the 1 870 Census.

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Rueben J. WEST

Father: Isaac WEST
Mother: Mary Magdaline SWALLOWS

Family 1: Lydia BRYANT

  1.  Adaline WEST
  2.  Isaac M. WEST
  3.  Martha Mary WEST
  4.  Zerilda Perilla WEST
  5.  Amanda WEST
  6.  John WEST

                            _Stephen WEST _____
 _Isaac WEST ______________|
|                          |_Mary BELK ________
|--Rueben J. WEST 
|                           _Andrew SWALLOWS __
|_Mary Magdaline SWALLOWS _|
                           |_Catherine KINDER _



Notes: Rueben J. West was killed in action in the Civil War. Source: We bpage of Tamara West Stevens, 79/polly_swallows.html

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Father: Anderson WILLIS
Mother: Sarah WILLIS

Family 1: Martha Maria STEWART
  1.  Malissa WILLIS
  2.  Robert WILLIS
  3.  John WILLIS
  4.  Clarinda WILLIS
  5.  William Edward WILLIS
  6.  Sarah WILLIS

 _Anderson WILLIS _|
|                  |__
|--Erwin WILLIS 
|                   __
|_Sarah WILLIS ____|



CENSUS: 1850 United States Federal Census, District 13, Warren County, I owa lists:
Willis, Anderson, age 36, farmer, value of real estate $300, born Virgini a
Willis, Sarah, age 39, born Kentucky
Willis, Robert, age 20, farmer, born Missouri
Willis, Irvie, age 17, born Missouri
Note: This family is living near Joseph H. Stewart. Irwin Willis marrie s Joseph H. Stewart's daughter Martha M. by the 1960 Census. Researcher : Georgenia Stewart, 11 Nov 2010 .

CENSUS: 1860 United States Federal Census, Township of White Breast, Coun ty of Warren, State of Iowa, enumerated 7 August 1860, lists the followin g:
Willis, Irwin, age 26, white, male, farmer, personal estate $300, born i n MI
Willis, Martha M., age 24, white, female, born in Ill
Willis, Malissa E., age 8, white, female, born in IA
Willis, James W., age 4, white, male, born in IA
Willis, Robert W., age 3, white, male, born in IA

CENSUS: 1870 United States Federal Census, Township of White Breast, Coun ty of Warren, State of Iowa, Indianola Post Office, enumerated 20 July 18 70, lists the following:
Willis, Erwin, age 36, white, male, farmer, real estate $300, estate $225 , born in MI
Willis, Martha, age 33, white, female, keeping house, born in IL
Willis, Malissa, age 16, white, female, born in IA
Willis, Robert, age 14, white, male, born in IA
Willis, John, age 10, white, male, attended school, born in IA
Willis, Clarinda, age 6, white, female, attended school, born in IA
Willis, William, age 4, white, female, born in IA
Willis, Sarah, age 1, white, female, born in IA

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